Monday, March 11, 2013

A child-free weekend; just us!

This past weekend Andy and I were home alone!  We met the grandparents on Saturday morning and the children stayed with them until Monday morning.  48 WHOLE hours, just us! 

Andy made a plan.  Saturday would be my day to do all that I wanted, and Sunday would be his.  For my day, I got a bubble bath and gave myself a mani/pedi.  Andy packed the suitcases for the kids, I didn't have to do a thing!  After the kids were dropped off, we went shopping!  We found several unique boutiques and antique favorite!  Andy convinced me to buy something.  I bought this little nest necklace and I love it!  We also bought Lydie a sweet pink necklace to give to her at her ballet recital.
New necklace
Andy made reservations at a beautiful, quaint restaurant near downtown Birmingham called Little Savannah.  They only serve local meat and produce and have bought organic produce from our farm.  We enjoyed a long, quiet meal complete with cocktails and fresh, unique food.  We were going to go to a movie, but we decided to come home and enjoy being here, just us.

On our way to dinner in Forest Park.
The next day we went to church.  Afterwards, we came home for a quick lunch and then off to the lake.  We went fishing together for a while, and then while Andy continued I took several hours to write and sketch.  WHAT A DAY!  The weather was perfect- cool and sunny.  After cleaning up at the lake house, we went to one of our favorite bar and grills nearby.  Then we came home and watched a movie.

The big catch
Monday morning we got up and had coffee and time to chat.  This just NEVER happens in the morning, as I am out the door with the kids by 6:15 and too tired on the weekends.  It was a very special treat.  We HAVE to do this more often!!

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