Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The days are flying by so quickly this summer! Between farm work and my parents moving to a new house, we have been busy at work.  In fact, we still haven't written our annual fun "Summer Bucket List".  Maybe next week...

Excited boys when I dropped them off at camp
But we still have had time for good fun.  The boys went to camp last weekend and had a blast.  And Lydie spent the night with her cousin and went to vbs.  And we seem to always have a neighbor or high school/college friend around here.  So I think the kids are having a good summer.
Lydie after VBS with cousins and friend

Here are a few pictures from a morning when the boys made produce deliveries with Andy and I was here alone with Lydie.  We sewed a dress for her bear and had a tea party.  It was good, girlie fun.

Father's day was quiet.  My Mom and Dad wanted to just rest after moving.  Andy's parents were at his brother's house.  And Andy wanted to have lunch out and then a quiet day here.  We made him breakfast in bed, went to church, ate out, and just played around.  The children adore my husband, and I cannot describe how blessed I feel to have him as their Dad.  He is fun, kind, and wise.  He truly enjoys time with them, and listens and responds so lovingly to them.  They have no idea what a treasure he is.  And every year of my life I am enjoying and becoming more thankful for my sweet Daddy.  Funny, generous, and full of spunk.  I love him to pieces.  Spending more time with him this past year since we moved back to Alabama has been one of the biggest highlights of living here.  So thankful for Andy and Dad!

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