Thursday, June 14, 2012

Work and play

My amazing best friend had the children come to her house from Tuesday until Friday the other week.  What a gift for my kids to spend almost four days with their best friends.  She went all out and took them to the pool, Monkey Joes, and tennis camp.  But mostly they loved just playing at her house with their buddies.  While they were gone, I had some time to help my parents prepare for moving into their new house, complete some projects around here, and have a lot of date time with my husband.  It was so amazing.

Good-bye, white house!
That week we closed on our house in Atlanta, which was actually a relief and not sad, see...

No more mortgage!
I took Lizzie to the lake house for the weekend and the kids went home with Andy. What an keys did not fit and I had to break in, it rained every day which caused us to only get our swimsuits wet once- from rain! We almost got attacked by crazy birds and got locked out of the pool, only to finally get in,take off our cover-ups, and get rained on! But we still had a blast. Plenty of fun conversation, sweet encouragement and support, and good wine. How can you not have fun when you are with your best friend??

Jack is working 5 hours a day, 3 days a week with Andy. So proud of him as he works so hard and is so thankful for the time with his Dad and his first opportunity to make his own money. I love who he is becoming.

We are all putting in some long hours on the farm.  Poor Josh, poison ivy on his face and very infected bug bite last week.  The downfalls of being outside a lot, I guess.  We are trying to make it fun for the kids, but mostly just hoping they learn the value of hard work.  I am so immensely proud of them and all they are learning!

Today the boys went with Andy to deliver produce.  Lydie and I are here alone.  Because I am desperately behind on laundry and housework, we are have an all day Disney-channel fun fest.  I figure we have logged in enough outdoor hours to merit a whole day of cartoons! :) 

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