Saturday, June 30, 2012


We can't escape it! The triple digit temps have made farming quite uncomfortable. Mostly Andy and the guys are suffering through it. But on Friday we all braved the elements to conquer the very prolific pea patch. Here are the sweaty kids afterwards. This picure was taken just before cold showers and gatorades.

Sweet and sweaty!
The high today is 105. So thankful for the ac and a day indoors. On the agenda: packing, laundry, canning veggies, and cleaning. Even though chili, soups, and sauces do not appeal to us now, we are trying to can tomatoes for when these things will be tasty in cooler weather. Fifty two quarts so far! It smells like summer goodness! Green beans will be tackled after vacation.

Bushels and bushels of tomatoes!
This is what happens when I leave Lydie in the kitchen alone with cookie batter!
But time for these things is dwindling with the approach of school just 7 weeks away! I have had THE BEST TIME preparing for my third grade class. I can hardly believe this unexpected journey the Lord is taking us on! But I am thrilled and so looking forward to the beginning of the school year. I got my class list last night and can now pray for these darlings by name. What a privilege! Next week offers...the pool, the ocean, reading, very little cooking and cleaning, cocktails with my husband and playing with my children. So excited and thankful! I plan on doing a lot of playing, reading, relaxing, laughing, and kissing. :) Yes, that is my agenda for next week!  I am really loving this summer season, even with the heat wave!

Indiana Jones/Harry Potter spy costume

Battleship is a good thing to do when avoiding the heat!

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