Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Spring madness!!!

There is a lot going on around here. I am about to list the craziness that is our spring. This post is probably a little silly and very boring.
March...We are anticipating some changes around here this fall. But I am not certain they will work out, so I can't elaborate yet. I have been up all hours of the night with paperwork and the like. If it all works out, there will be much prep time required this spring! In addition, our house in Marietta is about to go back on the market (we have been renting it). Getting the house ready will require a couple of work weekends in Atlanta for Andy and me. Also, I can not forget that I have a pile of clothes to take to the kids' consignment store to sell because I literally forgot about the sale I signed up for until a day later!
Spring break is in two weeks and I have been very careful to not give the children high hopes. I have promised a trip to the Vulcan in Birmingham, and that is it! But I hope we can go to a movie and do another fun thing or two. We all need a break! That week needs to be spent on some projects around the house and planting my sunflowers for the markets this summer.
Also in March we may be beginning an addition to the house, which is so needed. We are adding a sunroom beside the kitchen and I am so excited. The kids and I have celebrated St. Patrick's day for a couple of years since the year we studied him in history. I have my eye on a rainbow cake that I would like to make that day. Besides this stuff, Lydie has her first gymnastics meet and my darling nieces are dancing in Sleeping Beauty and Lydie and I are going to cheer them on. Oh, I need to decide if the kids' will go to any local summer camps and get them signed up. Then there's the usual stuff that already fills up my days!! I am SO thankful that Josh wants to play golf with Jackson and not baseball this year. March will be a doozy.

April...Lydia Joy and Andy are in a friend's wedding. Andy will spend a camping weekend away for a "bachelor party" and then we will travel another weekend to Atlanta for the wedding festivities. Some time around the beginning of April my Mom will have reconstructive surgery. She is so excited to get this over with and complete the last step of her recovery from breast cancer. But I am dreading the amount of pain it will bring her. We will need to travel to Birmingham a lot in April to help her. Easter is coming! Andy's parents very generously bought outfits for the kids already. We just need to buy new shoes and Easter treats. Looking forward to our Easter tree and devotions. I will volunteer to throw an Easter party at the boys' hybrid school. In addition, both Mom and Dad have birthdays in April, and I am planning to celebrate them well this year. We are also having three kids from our youth group in Atlanta come to visit for a weekend in April. So excited to see them before they head off to college in the fall!

May...Ballet recital, Gymnastics Meet, End-of-the-Year party at the boys' hybrid school, finishing school, standardized testing, and our annual "Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer" party. I am hoping to have the entire family at our farm for a day of family olympics, grilling, and homemade ice cream. Then it's summer time!

I am sure most Moms of mulitiple children have full calendars like mine this time of year. Isn't spring just crazy? This list did make my stomach churn a little. But it's also exciting. This is life! It's hard, but so rewarding. I just keep reminding myself, "I can do hard things (through Christ who strengthens me)!" And take it one.day.at.a.time.

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