Sunday, March 04, 2012

Celebrating my favorite person

We tried our best to spoil Andy for his birthday yesterday. He's pretty easy to please. We started the day with his favorite breakfast: biscuits::eggs::sausage::grits! The kids emptied their little penny banks into envelopes for Daddy. What love! I gave Andy a radio/I-pod player that is especially made for construction sites. He can use it on the tractor/in the barn (across the street) without worrying that it will break. And "the farm" gave him a mini refrigerator for the barn, too. Then we cheered on Joshua at his last basketball game, along with Mimi and Papa. On the way home, we stopped for lunch at a new deli that we have been curious about. Had a lunch of hot soup and sandwiches, along with good conversation with Andy's parents. (Mainly talk of politics. Good stuff.)

We had a few hours at home in the afternoon. Andy showed his Dad all that is going on around the farm. Mimi took a nap. And my parents came to hang out, too. I made a birthday cake for Andy. This cake is at its best when it is piping hot out of the oven. It's a homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing (the kind made from confectioner's sugar that is thin and sweet). You take the cake out of the oven, pour on the icing while it's warm, and throw on a scoop of ice cream. Then you eat it immediately. It's scrumptious.

For dinner we tried out a new restaurant. We liked it very much. These types of places are my favorite: old, renovated houses, jazz music, candlelight, beautiful artwork, good service, and yummy food. Andy's parents and mine joined our family for a really good meal. (Do you see a pattern here? They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This is true for my husband. For sure.)

Finally, we came home, put the kids to bed, and talked on the sofa until I fell asleep. It was a sweet day. Happy 37th birthday, darling! We love you so much! You are a wonderful man and worth celebrating!!

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