Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today Lydie and I were shopping for Easter shoes. As we approached the check out line she motioned for me to lean down to her level and listen to a secret. She whispered, "Could you tell those two ladies that I think they are beautiful?" I looked at who she was referring to and saw the most lovely, white-haired, elderly ladies. I hesitated because, well, I was a stranger telling two ladies they were beautiful. It felt a little awkard!

We were asked to move to the other check out line and I began trying to come up with the right words. I finally decided I was being silly. I should just say, "My daughter asked me to tell you that she thinks you are both beautiful." But I turned around and they were gone. I was mad at myself all day long. I wonder how long it had been since someone had told them how beautiful they are. I wish I would have told them right away.

I love the perspective of a little, innocent girl. I know that soon enough society will try to redefine her idea of beauty. It might not be long before artificial, shallow beauty appeals to her. I will do all that I can to fight that possibility. Praying God will guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus and enable her to see the world and other people as He does! Praying she will prize a gentle and "quiet" spirit, a servant heart, and a beautiful, inquisitive mind more than the things that are passing away.

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Abby Hutto said...

I am right there with you! I hope our girls keep their good perspective on what true beauty is! What a sweet hearted girl you have! :)