Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break

Last week was our Spring Break. It left us rejuvenated and refreshed. We spent most of the time sleeping late and playing outside, and trying really hard to balance resting with catching up around here. I got a few areas organized- the hutch (pantry), the frig, and the closets. I also took all of the kids' clothes to the consignment store. And one day I mulched and planted flowers in the beds in the yard. But these things only required a small part of each day to be filled with work.
The children spent dozens of hours with the dog, on the trampoline, in the sprinkler, exploring outside. I bought them a new Wii game that we played most evenings (Mario 2012 Olympics game). We also rented a movie one night and I let them each pick out their favorite dinner and served it one night last week.

We chose two special activities for the week. The boys wanted to tour Vulcan Park. I was so thrilled that the museum actually provided an educational field trip for us that pertained to what we are learning in history. There were beautiful pictures and plaques about the Great Depression, the World Wars, and the New Deal and how that affected the city of Birmingham. I very much enjoyed studying the history of my birthplace with the kids, and sharing a love for Alabama with them. Loved those unplanned learning opportunities! And then we went to sweet Homewood to eat lunch at O'Carrs, one of my favorite places to eat when I was in high school and summers that I was home in college. Sharing these places with my own children never gets old!
Later in the week we had our second fun outing, playing mini golf together (again the boys' request). We finished golfing with only minutes to spare before a huge rainstorm hit the area. I was so thankful to be able to fulfill their second wish for the week without having the rain spoil their fun.
This past weekend my parents came to the farm and watched the kids while Andy and I went to Atlanta. Our friends have been renting our house there and we were doing yard work and repairs in order to put the house on the market next month. We really enjoyed our time together, even though most of it was spent working. Just the time in the car and the evenings at dinner and the hotel, which provided hours of uninterrupted conversation, was such a treat. We are going back this weekend to try and finish a huge check list. I am excited.

We are trying to accept the fact that we will probably have to bring a big check to PAY the bank when we sell our house. Even though we put down the standard 20% on our home, we will be "upside down" on the sell price. We took out a loan when our basement flooded in 2008, which is part of the problem. Also, even though our house is so sweet and in a nice neighborhood, we can probably expect to receive an offer for $35,000-$40,000 less than we paid for it. For a couple with three kids who have lived on one income for 12 years, this is a huge financial blow. But we have also been given huge financial gifts. So we have to cut our losses and look forward. We are certain it will be okay.

There are big things happening around here this week! Can't wait to write more. Happy spring!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

Oh How FUN!! SO glad you were able to relax, enjoy the kids and the beautiful city and great meals! Sounds like a fantastic week!

Sorry to hear about the money and your Atlanta house, that's no good. Ugh.

Hang in there, precious friend!