Sunday, June 26, 2011

They're home

My children arrived home from grandparents this afternoon. I am so glad that they didn't come home until 2:00. Andy and I have this weird cycle that we go through when I have a full (overflowing!) amount of things to do at one time. It usually begins with me trying to discuss how I am going to fit in all the things that I need to do (a little frantically). Somewhere in the mix I might make a sarcastic or desperate comment. My husband tends to freak out a little when he thinks I am stressed. Poor guy. Then he tries to suggest ways he can do all of my things for me OR he suggests that I just don't do any of them. Then I feel ungrateful and misunderstood and reassure him that, "No, no, I can handle it all! I was just trying to talk about what I have going on." Then I get huffy and he gets irritated. Then he hugs me and I melt and we laugh. And some how by the end of it all we remember that this is a pattern, this strange form of miscommunication we have. And he hugs me some more, we pray and laugh at ourselves, and life goes on.

Any way, we were doing that little song and dance this morning just before the kids arrived. I was just reminded of how patient and amazing my husband is with me. And in walk my three precious kids. It's always such a good feeling to all be back together again.

A few hours later two of our friends arrived who are spending the week. These two teenage boys from our church in Atlanta are coming to help Andy with the farm work this week. I told the kids that we get a break this week from picking vegetables and there were hoots and hollers and all manner of jumps and dances. (Mostly from me.) Our farm helpers are staying up the hill in an old trailer. I think it is one of the yuckiest places ever. But the guys seemed pleased as can be to have their own place. My Joshua is already enjoying having two older guys around. He rode four wheelers with them and helped them unload groceries. He asked if he could spend the night in the trailer with them, too. But when I mentioned the five o'clock wake up call they are getting he decided to stay in his own bed. Smart boy.

Here are my dreams for the week:

Swim with the kids

Fun day in Birmingham (Zoo? Water park? Mini golf?)

Take Andy to get his epidural block in his back and hopefully see him able be fully mobile again

Clean the entire house

Clean the car

Have a picnic

Finish buying all things for the lake house

Do an art project with the kids

Make home-made ice cream

Go to the library

Take a nap

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