Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy awesome

A couple of weeks ago my Mom found "the lump". She went to the doctor and was immediately sent to a specialist. The very concerned specialist worked her in for a scan. When she came back for the results of the scan, he mixed no words in telling her that he believed she had breast cancer, and he also saw a suspicious spot on her lymph nodes. He even discussed in detail what the next few months would probably be like for her.

He sent her immediately to have a biopsy, but it was postponed because she had taken an aspirin the day before and her blood was too thin for the test to be performed. Fast forward to this past Friday. We had spent almost an entire week trying to digest the new reality of cancer in the family. We were all preparing ourselves for the surgeries and treatments that had already been discussed. I had begun to rearrange plans for the fall in order to be available.

Lo and behold, she went in for her biopsy and the solid mass from the scan was liquid-filled. And the spot on the lymph node was simply a lymph node fighting the infection in the cyst. We aren't sure if the very reliable specialist who reads dozens of these scans a day made a BIG mistake (who speaks of cancer treatments with a patient unless they are really certain?) OR if the solid mass was miraculously turned into a liquid-filled cyst. But we are giving God all the glory. Either way, we are very thankful that there is NO CANCER. Today Mom called with the final news that the biopsy results showed no problems whatsoever.

We have walked through cancer two times in our family, each time with my aunts who had breast cancer. I also just found out that my sweet friend Kappy is in a battle of her own right now with her newly found cancer. (We are praying, dear friend, for you and your family, if you are reading!) I have no idea why my Mom, why WE, were spared of this trial right now. But it certainly has made me more sensitive and compassionate for those around us who are living under the strain of illness. It is humbling to be reminded through this experience that every breath I take belongs to the Lord. I am completely and utterly held in the palm of His hand and one day all sickness and sorrow will be wiped away!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

Beautiful, beautiful answer to prayer! God is so gracious! :)