Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's day at the lake

Today was just plain fabulous. We slept in. Then we ate warm donuts and hot coffee. We topped that off with some reading and discussion in the book of John, followed by singing some hymns along with Andy's guitar playing. Then we packed a bag and headed to the lake!
My parents just bought a lake condo that is about an hour away. It is brand new with beautiful upgrades and amenities. My brother and his family came, along with my parents, and we spent the day on a pontoon boat together. My kids have no experience on boats (except for one week spent on a cruise ship last spring!). I think they really enjoyed it, especially being pulled on a tube behind the boat. Later we also enjoyed the swimming pool and then a meal at Niffer's, a favorite burger restaurant. I was completely unprepared for Father's day. We just bought cards and gift cards for our sweet Dads and Andy only got homemade cards from us this year. (I figured a day at the lake would be a treat, even if I didn't actually pay for it. :) ) We actually just mailed Papa's card today, that's how incredibly behind we are this year. But our rudeness has nothing at all to do with our feelings for our Dads. We are both incredibly blessed to have wonderful examples. Our Dads are both fully devoted to their families, generous, supportive, and very unselfish. We have reaped heaps of blessings just by being in their families. Thank you, thank you Poppy and Papa!!And I can not being to express how I feel about Andy as a Dad. He is everything I could hope for my children. I have numerous times had people comment to me that he is a wonderful Dad. He is attentive, kind, involved, wise. He really enjoys spending time with our children and with me, and it shows. He knows how to lovingly correct and lead, but also how to get down and dirty and play with the kids. I never see him belittle the children, which means a lot to me. He honors them with kindness and patience. He sacrifices a lot to provide for us and give us the opportunity for me to be at home. And he demands that the children respect me, mostly through example, sometimes by force. :) There's nothing more beautiful than seeing a Dad doing an excellent job. And I get to catch a glimpse every day. I am so thankful. Happy Father's Day, sweet heart!

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