Thursday, June 09, 2011

My happy place

This week I am filling out an application for the history teaching position I mentioned the other day. (I haven't filled out a job application in 12 years and haven't worked outside the home in 11!) Also, along the lines of jobs, I am working on a decorating project for a family member. It's actually quite extensive and will require many hours of design, shopping/ordering, and time in the space. But I am thrilled, of course, to have the artistic outlet! Meanwhile, Andy is desperate for help on the farm, and we are trying to daily help him for an hour or two in the mornings before the heat kicks in. Because of Joshua's tonsillectomy we can not swim for another week, and our neighbor friend is out of town. So the kids have quite the case of cabin fever. To give an example of how bad it is, Lydie ran around in her polka-dotted gown tonight for an hour pretending to be "Coconuts the monkey". It was really obnoxious, but we endured it for the sake of letting her release her pinned up energy. She also knocked out a dozen or more guys in a Wii boxing match. Maybe all of her energy had less to do with cabin fever and more to do with the fact that she ate Apple Jacks for dinner. My Dad was here helping on the farm this evening, which is not unusual. But tonight, he came in and sat with me for hours just to talk. By the time he left it was almost time for the kids to go to bed, and I hadn't fed them dinner, hence the Apple Jacks. These evenings together make me so thankful that we are here, with him, working together and having all this time together.

Last week was the week of daily visitors/dinner guests. It was wonderful, but slightly tiring. This week is the week of busyness at home and NO guests whatsoever. Busy or not, full house or empty, peaceful or unsteady, I have found that Gardening has become a refuge for me since we moved here. Roethke said, "deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light."I think of that quote every morning when I sneak outside, first thing, to see how the flower gardens have changed over night. I am pondering exactly what he meant and enjoying all the ways that his words may be interpreted. My little ones have learned that if they look around the house and can not find me, they should come immediately to the garden. It's my happy place.

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Sue Mitchell said...

Thanks again for having us last Friday-hope we weren't a burden! The sunflowers are still beautiful and we are enjoying them! I have been praying for your decision and am so glad God is showing you his plan! I will continue to pray for good friends for you and for God to continue to confirm his will! Tell Andy the vegetables are great! I just wish we lived closer so we could come to the Farmers market weekly!!