Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer art #2

My friend Abby asked me to be a little bit more detailed about art projects with the kids. So hopefully this post will be helpful for her!
Today's art project required a sharpie, an ink pad (or paint), and paper. (If you don't mind the investment and want to go all out, you can invest in various colored stamp pads. We just used what we had (black) And, scrapbook paper works better than regular copy paper.
First, we checked out this book from the library:
Then the we copied some of the ideas and made Father's day cards. It was fun and the kids came up with some cute slogans to go with the artwork. They decided to make 5 cards a piece, one for each uncle, one for each Granddad, and one for their Daddy. This activity got a thumbs up!


If your table is not Magic Eraser-friendly, you might want to cover it in plastic before getting out the sharpie and the ink pad! And the same goes for clothing!

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