Monday, June 07, 2010


Vacation moments and conversations that remind me that my loving, heavenly Father is always extending grace:
~Trying to appreciate and imagine a God that can count the sand, and stars, and numbers of hairs on our heads.

~Patient, kind, humble, and hard working husband. Oh, and funny.
"Mommy, I figured out how babies got in your tummy. First you got married. (Mommy gulps.) Then, Daddy kissed you and his DNA passed over his lips and into yours. Then it went into your tummy and got all mixed up with your DNA. Then Jesus added skin and all the body parts. Then we grew and later we were born." ~Toot, 7 yrs. old, in the car on the way home ~Cousins that are so precious and sweet! (Including Clay who is not in this picture!)

~My daughter's way of dancing through life and into the hearts of those who are around her.
Lydie was whining about having to leave mini-golf and go back to the beach house. Suddenly, in mid-whine, she stopped and said, "I think I'm gonna change my attitude." (I don't even use this phrase with the kids, but I assume she picked it up somewhere.) And she smiled and did just that and has done it again many times since. ~Three sweet children who love each other! (Although admittedly I did pose them for this picture!)
~The timing of our trip. We swam in the ocean just hours before it was closed indefinitely due to the oil washing up on shore. We had a great time enjoying the water all week long, trying not to think about how long it will be until we swim in the Gulf again. I grew up coming here every summer. It is surreal how things are going to change.


Abby Hutto said...

I'm sad about the gulf too! So glad you guys got a vacation and break from the everyday schedule of life. We are headed on vacation ourselves this week, and I am feeling a lot of those thoughts/attitudes that you expressed in your previous post! Hope you continue to relax as you settle back into home life. It is a challenge to put aside the work of the moment to reflect and enjoy our quiet times with God, our spouses and our children.

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

Beautiful! This is SO beautiful!

Thank you for reminding me to stop and count my blessings...this is so good.

The last picture is more precious than words and makes me weep.

I am trying to imagine my 3 kids in a few years time...the love your kids have for one another is inspiring.