Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hello spring!

An unusually warm winter- picnic with one of her sweet friends
So much for writing more! It has been an eventful winter! A lot of travel for Andy and flying solo for me. Many good school days. A lot of fun events for the children. Life! Yesterday I washed all of our jackets and gathered our heavy coats to go to the cleaners. We pulled out spring and summer clothes. The kids wore sandals/flip flops. And Lydie did her last winter craft. Usually all these things mean it will inevitably be freezing one more time. But I am moving forward any way. HELLO SPRING!!! I love you so much!!

We are coming to the end of this season of renting a house. We are finally ahead of the disaster of selling our beloved "White House" in Atlanta and paying such an ENORMOUS amount at closing (due to the changing economy). Our savings has a down payment stash waiting and our debt is so very low. No car payments currently (Help my old car to continue on, Lord!). We are ready to buy a house and just BE. And we have been so blessed- even in these transition years. Life has been good- trials and all. Because He is good and faithful.

Winter project
After a wonderful year of homeschooling and being together every day, Lydie has decided to return to her little school in the fall. She is extremely extraverted and misses the company of classmates every day. We are fully supporting her and excited for her. Two of my very good friends teach the two 4rth grade classes, and I know she will have a great year! Her best friend is over the moon, and we are praying they get in the same class next year! And I am SO thankful for this special time with her in 3rd grade. I know her as a student so much better. And every moment together- every book read side by side- has bonded our hearts together in a sweeter way as daughter and Mom! I have loved it!

The boys have thrived in the homeschool/co-op life! Joshua doubled up on studies and is skipping his eighth grade year! He has made all As- even with taking double math classes! He will be ready for Geometry in the fall. He is going to begin an amazing Engineering course on-line that will continue with 4 credits by graduation. His academic ability is simply a gift from God. I hope he will always be a good steward of it!

Jack is really doing so well. He has by far found his nitch the most and loves this lifestyle. He will complete his freshman year with three honors classes under his belt. He has a 4.3 so far. He works so hard. Latin, honors classes, ACT practice every day. The boy is compliant and trusts me completely when I give him hard assignments. His willingness to work hard- even when he can't fully understand how it will be rewarded down the line-is amazing. He takes driver's ed this summer and then gets his license on July 31st. That event will mark a brand new chapter in our lives...I'm not quite ready to turn the page.

It has been such a sweet year. So many developmental changes with two teenagers and a preteen. But it has been so good to see them grow in wisdom AND stature. Looking forward to spring with happy anticipation!

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