Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Girl time

Always new hair styles
This little one and I spend so much time together. She LONGS for a sister! But she's stuck with me! :)  I hope and pray that all of our time together will be the foundation of a lifelong friendship where God will use me to serve and bless this precious soul!  And I can't help but pray that she will have a daughter too, some day! I love these three sweet children so much- they are JOY givers!
Her sweet encouraging words

Both missing Andy desperately when he travels and sending goofy texts to him together!

Sewing class with her friends


Learning side by in and out!

Roommates when Andy travels

Those cheeks have collected more kisses....

The mall with these darling girls!
While I was gone to dinner with friends recently, Andy took the kids out shopping to spend some of their Christmas money. Lydia Joy bought these matching necklaces with her money. When she gave them to me she said, "Mommy, you're my sweetheart Mommy and my best big friend." This girl! So full of love!

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