Saturday, December 05, 2015

Living gladly

 Dear Lydia Joy,
You teach me so much as we walk through our days together. This past fall one of the reminders that God has whispered through you is the sweet grace He has given us in hard work.  You and I, little sweet pea, are extremely goal-oriented.  It's fun to set a goal and work really hard to achieve it!
Your new friend from class
Proud Poppy
Here you are at your first gymnastics showcase. You took gymnastics when you were 4 and again at age 6. But you have never taken at a gym like this one.  There are serious gymnasts here! Starting in third grade at level 1 was humbling for you. You cried some big tears the first two lessons.  But the third class you looked at me with that gritty look and stated, "This is where God has placed me. I'm going to do my best and work hard." And that day was your New Day. Since then, I have not seen a moment of hesitation or embarrassment.  Good for you, pumpkin. Vanity and pride are for the birds!  Fix your eyes on Jesus and the task before you and leave the self-pity in the garbage. There is so much joy for the taking when you do!

You practice ALL.THE.TIME at home! You work so hard.  I love your fighting spirit.  We have talked a lot about doing everything the Lord gives you to do to your fullest.  And to love well.  These two things are very easy to apply in the gym.  And I am glad for what you are learning!

You have exclaimed over and over again that THIS is what you love to do. I am praying that you will give God every bit of the glory for your achievements. He has given you a strong body, big hopes, plenty of talent and determination, and a family who cheers for you and adores your every move. You are so blessed and loved. I pray you know it is all grace and enjoy your success because it is from your heavenly Father.  And when you fall short, I pray you will lean into Him, lament, and then find the strength in Jesus and who He has made you to be to keep on moving.  Life is SO amazing when you trust Him enough to take your disappointments in stride. It really is always okay.

I pray you will encourage and hug and love the other gymnasts well. May God even give you the love to truly want for them all that you want for yourself.  He has placed each person you see and speak with in your path on purpose. Look around and try to be a light, sweet girl. And I pray you will continue to be respectful and teachable with your instructor. She sees your love for learning and cooperation and it blesses her.
You have no idea the things you will use from gymnastics as a Mother and wife.  Every practice, every lesson will be used in future years.  I know from my years in the ballet studio. Your ability to fight through fatigue and pain, set goals, and work with other girls will be so valuable.

We are learning so much together, the five of us, this year.  Keep up the hard work, love! We are all behind you!

“If you live gladly to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full.” 
John Piper from
Don't Waste Your Life

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