Saturday, December 19, 2015

Filling the gap: Christmas Show

It's amazing how God takes care of us. This school year, for example, I was mostly concerned with my girl's reaction to being at home after three years in private school. She, like me, leans heavily on her community of friends. I predicted being at home with the boys and me might leave a gap...or possibly a gaping hole.

God was so gracious to bring along a brand new opportunity, in fact several, that kept her from being lonely. One thing that really filled her extravert cup was finding this little program that is like show choir. Every Monday she and her little friend, who is also homeschooling for the first time this year, would spend a couple of hours singing and learning choreography.  They had a blast and made many new friends! 

This past weekend they had three Christmas shows. It was really an impressive, two-hour show. She was on cloud nine all weekend and actually cried when it was over! What a sweet gift this program has been! We look forward to summer camp and participating in the program next year!

It has been unbelievable that God has orchestrated so much interaction for Lydia Joy this fall! She has seen her friends on the playground while the boys run or have meetings, she has had many play dates, and she has made new friends at co-op, gymnastics, and this program.  Looking forward to his provision this winter and spring!

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