Friday, August 02, 2013

8 boys in 7th grade for 16 hours!!

Jackson asked for a sleepover this year instead of a party.  It was about the cheapest birthday celebration ever!  He wanted the boys to have a place to practice bows/arrows, air soft guns, and capture the flag.  After eating hamburgers and junk food, they were in the yard until dark.  Then they watched the Hobbit, banged on the drums, and played Rock Band until midnight.  Some of the boys crashed, and others continued on...
At 4 am I heard them whispering down the hall.  The whole crew had bought sleeping bags and started out in the basement.  But this was the fearless five who continued to press on and not sleep ALL NIGHT.  They came upstairs to Jack's room to hang out.  And they talked.  ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  Maybe the m&ms and Coca-Cola were a little much!?!  Jackson was one of the fearless five, and had a blast!  Wow, so this is what teenage birthdays are like.  Cheap, terrible pictures,  and exhausting!!  Ha!

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