Monday, August 05, 2013

August fun

 The kids went to our last event at our old church...VBS.  The boys volunteered and this is a picture of them walking one of our friend's toddlers to the nursery.  SO darling!
 We found out at the beginning of the month which teachers we have for the year.  Then we had a meet and greet at the playground.  My sweet friend sent me a picture of her daughters' reactions when they read in an email that I will be their teacher this year.  PRICELESS!
 We took one last trip to our favorite museum.  The kids can't get enough of the giant bubbles!
 And then we took our family vacation back to the beach!  The first night we were able to meet our best friends from Atlanta for dinner, ice cream, and a walk on the beach.  What a treat!!

 Love best friend brothers.  These two are so opposite, yet so close!  Pray it is always this way!
 This is what a bored Daddy looks like when he has been looking at hair accessories in Claire's for an hour.  Yes, he will begin trying on glasses, for one.

The boys went on a big fishing trip with Daddy.  Andy wisely paid for a guide.  It was one of those trips where you throw your line in and catch fish after fish.  What a memory!
Okay, I realize that I am always whining about how my babies are growing up too fast.  But truly, a nearly perfect vacation like this one will make me very thankful.  The kids are the *perfect* ages right now.  They can all swim, they still enjoy us and one another, and they want to be together and with us.  It was as stress-free as a vacation with three kids could possibly be!  I have graduated to the Mommy at the pool with a magazine in one hand and a cocktail in the other!  I read an entire book on vacation.  I had time alone with my children.  They entertained one another well.  They are all still entertained by waves and sand.  It was oh-so-good.  It's nice to actually feel RELAXED after vacation!

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