Monday, January 14, 2013

Spelling Bee

At our school, there are two spelling bees in January.  One is for the 2nd-5th grade classes and the award is the title of "Grammar School Spelling Bee Champion", along with a trophy.  Then the Logic school (6th-8th grades) also have a Spelling Bee, and the winner goes on to compete in the county Spelling Bee.

Each grade has 3 representatives (there are about 30 students in each grade), which are chosen through a series of class spelling bees.  Both of our boys earned the honor of being one of the three representatives from his class!  We were so proud!

The Logic spelling bee was first.  The children drew random numbers, and Jackson was the first one up!  The entire school was watching, along with three judges.  I think he let his nerves get the best of him.  His word was "cloudy" and he spelled it "c-l-o-u-d-l-y".  We were so afraid that he would be mortified.  But he was a good sport and said it was no big deal.  He seemed to shake if off way quicker than I would have.  Any way, the logic spelling bee was very exciting and it got to a point where the words were much too difficult for me!  (The winner went on to the county spelling bee and got first runner up!)

Then it was time for the grammar spelling bee.  Andy and I were NERVOUS.  Josh doesn't shake off embarassment so easily.  And he is shy and quiet.  We were afraid the judges, audience, and microphone would really embarrass him.  Well, this kid is ALWAYS surprising us!  He got up there and acted like a professional.  He took his time, asked for the judges to repeat the word, give alternate definitions, etc.  He spelled words that I would not be able to spell correctly.

After a long battle, HE WON!  And the sweetest moment was the celebration from his class.  After awards and pictures, they erupted with hugs and cheers.  They kept saying, "We won!  We won!", claiming his win as their own, too.  Andy and I were just so excited for him.  He is a brilliant boy, and he doesn't even realize all the gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed him with.  He is always so shocked when he wins something, or gets another 100 on a test, etc.  This day was really special for all of us!  Way to go, Joshua!!

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