Friday, January 04, 2013

Looking back on 2012, part 1

January-March Highlights

The year started with us in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with our family!  The kids and I learned to ski and we rode snow mobiles for the first time!  It was an AMAZING trip!
My niece became a Christian and got baptized!  Precious!

We went on a lot of nature walks during the winter!
And we did a lot of winter crafts together!

We visited our best friends in Atlanta!

Mama had her last chemo treatment and we threw her a party at the hospital called the "No Mo Chemo" day!!  She is cancer free and all of her surgeries are behind her!
Andy had a great birthday.  We went to a beautiful restaurant- an old, restored house with simple, home-made food.  Then to our house for warm, chocolate cake.
Lydie really loved gymnastics this spring.  She learned so much and went to her first ribbon meet in May.
Spring brought HUNDREDS of hours on the trampoline!
Lydie at her ballet recital!
We also enjoyed a few field trips like this one to the Vulcan.

Easter with family was a beautiful day!
 Sometime at the end of the long winter, God gave me the answer I had been looking for.  I accepted a position as a third grade teacher for the fall and the children were enrolled into the same school.  We began to really savor our last year of homeschooling and look forward to big changes!  With that one decision our life changed drastically from a homeschooling family to a family with an employed Mommy and children in school.  We finished our homeschool year well and the children were excellently prepared for the classical school that they began in the fall.

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