Monday, December 24, 2012

Lots of PARTIES!

We had something for which to look forward every week, multiple times a week, the entire month of December!  We are truly blessed!  And unfortunately we had to miss several parties- our church party, an Open House at a friend's, my Aunt Charlotte's party, my niece's birthday party, and Jackson's Masquerade dance.  Too much illness to make them all, although the kids went to some without Andy and me.  Here are a few memories to cherish of the ones we did get to go to this Christmas season:
One of my sweet students enjoying our edible Christmas trees!

Joshua's class party

Lydie at her party.  On the last day before Christmas break we have "Christmas attire day".  The kids love this day!

My Dad's side of the family celebrating at my Aunt's house.  The kids look forward to all these fun family get togethers!

My husband's family at Mimi and Papa's house.

It was a quiet night- good food, good fellowship, tired adults!

The kids, minus cousin Clay who was passing out gifts.

Papa and Jackson.  I love this picture!

Mimi gave the girls a special gift.  She made them a necklace that holds flowers from sweet Granny's funeral.  Granny was Andy's maternal grandmother and our last living grandparent.  With her passing, our parents became the oldest living generation in our families!  She passed away peacefully this past fall and we all missed her this Christmas!

The six grandchildren on my parents' side of the family at Nana and Poppy's house on Christmas Eve.  We have a pajama/brunch party every year.  The kids looks so precious in their pjs.

Joshua really wanted the new Wii U and he was thrilled when he opened it.  It was his only gift from my parents, but he couldn't have cared less!

After three years of asking, Jackson finally got the Beatles Rock Band game and instruments.  So.Much.Fun!

Lydie got a new American Girl Doll, Kit.  She also got her bed and dog, and the McKenna American Girl movie.  She was beginning to get sick, so it's hard to tell how excited she was!  Her Aunt Kim made her American Girl doll clothes and she asked that I immediately go to the car, find them in our luggage, and let her doll change clothes.  This was the Auburn dress and bow Kim made.  So cute!

My honey in his new hunting gear.  Whatever floats his boat!  Ha!

We are very blessed to have such precious family.  These pictures are only a few snippets of the parties we attended.  I am thankful for every one, both with friends and family.  Both sides of the family have three boys and three girls, which makes for a great time!  I love our time together and love living close enough to enjoy family more often.  Even though we were battling the flu, unbeknownst to us, I still enjoyed the days together!

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