Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas bulletin board

When I began thinking about what to put on the bulletin board on my room, I had one criteria: I could spend $0.  I had just bought a pre-lit tree, garland, and other decor for the classroom, not to mention presents, etc.  So I decided the budget was nonexistent.

I decided to use tissue paper, poster board, and cotton balls from the supply closet.  The trees were made by cutting poster board into simple shapes, and then adding squares of overlapped tissue paper (glued with Elmer's).  I made the trees various sizes.  Then I used yellow boarder and gold and black letters to simple say, "Joy to the world!" because the colors made me feel joyful.  I stapled everything onto the bulletin board, except the cotton balls.  They were hot glued.  This bulletin board took me several hours to create, mainly due to the trees.  But it cost nothing!

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