Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lydie's ART birthday party!

party favor...paint!!
 My parents allowed us to use their new house for Lydie's party this year.  This was a fun way to be able to invite her classmates without asking them to drive an hour to our house!  She chose an art theme, and it was really a lot of fun and fairly simple, too.  And most importantly, she had a really great time and felt celebrated.
I opted out of cakes this year for the kids' birthdays.  These were fun, easy cupcakes...sprinkles, polka dot paper lines, life savors, and fun flags.
Place cards were art easels made from Popsicle sticks.

Rainbow pendants decorated the windows.

The kids decorated frames, made jewelry, and played with play dough.

Precious little kindergarten girlies and cousins!

Aunt Chelle helped with the jewelry!

Two of Lydie's precious new friends from school!

Dear Uncle Rick and Andy....The kids are done and you are still making jewelry.  Too funny!!
Blowing out her candles...SIX!

Lots of fun, girlie toys!  This one was a huge bag of make-up.  She has REALLY enjoyed it already!                        

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