Saturday, September 01, 2012

Precious Joshua' birthday

This year my sweet middle child turned ten!  Joshua had exactly what he requested: a night at the hibachi Japanese restaurant with family and a Saturday with us and his best friend at the Lego Discovery Center in Atlanta.  He opted out of a traditional party this year, but was still much celebrated!

Birthday morning!
For his presents he got mostly Legos.  He also got some "Beats" headphones for all of the time we spend in the car on our commute to school.  It was a sweet, fun birthday for all of us.

Hibachi style dinner with the family!
Our favorite: the volcano onion!
The quiet boy is in the limelight!
Precious cousins stopping by for dinner on the way to the Auburn game!
Joshua still has me wrapped around his little finger.  My soft spot for him weakens every year.  He is just a kind, quiet, loyal little sweetheart.  I prayed for him non-stop this summer, so utterly concerned about whether he would make friends at school.  As usual, he is full of surprises.  As I always say when refering to him, "Still waters run deep."  He has really, really thrived.  He has made lots of friends, his teacher adores him, and his gifts are being used more so than ever.  His lowest average in his studies is a 96, and that is in Latin with his peers who have received a year of Latin, 3 days a week, from a Latin teacher.  After three weeks of studying and giving it his all, he caught up and has made 100+ bonuses on his tests ever since.  He has such a good work ethic and bright mind, and I hope he always uses them for the glory of Jesus!
Fun with Legos!

A stop at Starbucks on the way to Atlanta!
He started piano this year.  As we suspected, he is a "quick learn".  He takes his lessons on Monday, and by Wednesday he has all of his songs memorized and can play them smoothly.  It is something else.  And he also continues with art and is an excellent illustrator.  I love to see his personality and talents shine and expand!  I am excited for him to play his second season of basketball this winter.  It will be quite a challenge for him and I know he will learn a lot.

 So thankful for another year with this darling boy.  Praying he will be a tender warrior for Christ and grow in his grace and mercy this year!

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