Thursday, January 12, 2012


My last post made me laugh. It was funny for me to think of how many people (my husband included) who would be UTTERLY depressed by using a list to relieve stress! But I take comfort in lists and goals. That's just how I roll. Typical me. I even already used my list for inspiration with the kids this week. Paper snowflakes!
Yesterday in the car my son was feeling exhausted. It took him a while to fall asleep the night before and then he said the loud storms kept him up during the night. Exhaustion for him leads to a very melancholy boy. He was lost in his emotions and deep thought on our 50 minute drive home from classes. At last we reached our driveway, and he muttered, "Mom, would we be alive without hope?" And I responded, "We could live. But not well." It's like living with a miniature C.S. Lewis. I love it. Typical Jack, always questioning and thinking. Always challenging me, in a good way.
Today we took a walk around the farm. The dog was crazy with energy and I wanted to take advantage of a break in the rain. We had such a wonderful time...watching our sticks race down the creek, looking for signs of animals (scat and tracks), splashing in puddles, just meandering. When I take the time to be outside life is so much fuller. So good to enjoy typical, simple, farm pleasures.And lastly, here's typical Lydie, practicing gymnastics in the living room. This happens every night! Usually she practices tumbling, but lately she has been laying out my exercise band and using it as her balance beam. Her first gymnastics meet is coming up soon. Exciting! And now for a typical evening of dinner (which my husband volunteered to make!), clean up, cuddles, struggling to stay awake and connect with my husband, stealing a few minutes to read, and dragging myself into bed to prep for a new day. Typical moments: not grand, but precious nonetheless.

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