Friday, January 20, 2012

Half party

Today marks the halfway point of our year! It has been such a great year! I am so PROUD of all the kids have learned, their hard work. And I am thankful for the endless grace of Christ to sustain and encourage me along the way as their Mom/teacher. Just like any other milestone with the kids, the time has felt slow and fast, all at once. I am a big believer in celebrations. I think milestones should be acknowledged with something special. Amidst the day's agenda with a dental appointment, a day of school, cleaning the house, and this little celebration (before 3:00 when our visitors arrived!), my husband asked, "Are you sure you have time for cupcakes?". But I was determined (because I truly felt it a priority), and in the end we had plenty of time. Eighteen weeks of school is worth a little party (even if it means I had to skip mopping the floors!).

So much more to look forward to this year!
Half way party:

Half cupcakes

Half plates

Half-full glasses of lemonade

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