Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mid-year update: The boys (5th and 3rd grades)

The boys are in a class together at a hybrid school 2 days a week. Here's what their days look like on the 3 days/week that they learn at home:
::Breakfast and chores (the boys are great at doing mostly all basic chores around the house now- cleaning windows, making beds, washing dishes, vacuuming, cleaning their bathroom, sweeping, etc.)

::Then they do a list of exercises that Andy created for them. It includes: jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, wheel barrow walks, board twists, knee bends, shoulder presses, and throwing the football. This is part of their "p.e", along with golf lessons(Jackson), bike riding, farm work, basketball team(Joshua), and of course all the free playing. The boys, along with Andy, are going to take karate beginning in March when basketball is over.

::Start our learning day with a devotion/Bible from the Who is God? book (Apologia). This book has been an excellent study of basic theology for us.
::The boys study their spelling words (Abeka), verses (chosen by hybrid school teacher), and poetry (Abeka) while I clean up breakfast dishes, finish my chores, etc.

Stagecoach drawing project

::I teach them their new material for Math (Horizons) and Grammar (BJU Press). (These subjects, along with Spelling, are the only where they are on different levels.) Once I get them started and they begin their practice sheets, I work with Lydie.
::Snack/ rip and roar outside.
::Next we work on creative writing. Their grammar book teaches technical writing. I have loosely used the ideas from the Institute for Excellence in Writing to give an assignment based on our history studies. Every now and then they write in the journals on the subject of their choice. Every Friday they have a finished story and I type it and then they illustrate it. Jack has always been an excellent writer. Joshua has BECOME a great writer this year, too. When I get a chance I will post his recent assignment, a personal narrative. He BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!

Statue of Liberty drawing project
::Next we work on our History/Literature assignment from the Sonlight curriculum. This usually involves reading a short history lesson from a history book, plus a couple of chapters in 2 chapter books (one read aloud by me, the other read independently). Here are the chapter books (along with excerpts from 5 or 6 history books) that they have read so far this year:

Lincoln: A Photobiography
By the Great Horn Spoon!
Shoes for Everyone: Jan Matzeliger
Sing Down the Moon
World Changers: William Wilberforce
Freedom Train
Turn Homeward, Hannalee
The Perilous Road
Caddie Woodlawn
Old Yeller
The Story of Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor
The Great Turkey Walk
The Terrible Wave
Helen Keller
The Great Wheel
The Story of George Washington Carver
Little Britches (currently)
The Wright Brothers (currently)
::Lunch/ rip and roar outside or take a walk
::Next we work on "drilling". I have a thick notebook that contains all of the math, history, science, Bible, songs/hymns, and geography facts that I want them to remember. I divided them into five days. (Monday and Wednesday they are in school, so only math fact drills.)
Monday-Multiplication/Division facts (2s, 3, 4s)
Tuesday- Multiplication/Division facts (5s,6s,7s), Geography songs, Measuring facts with volume and weight, books of the Bible, disciples' names)
Wednesday- Multiplication/Division facts (8s, 9s, 10s)
Thursday- Multiplication/Division facts (11s, 12s), Shurley Grammar chants, capitalization and underlining rules, Measuring facts with time and temperature, presidents, US capitals, prime numbers, emergency procedures
Friday- Subtraction and addition facts, patriotic/history/folk songs, measuring facts with distances, planets, types of matter, types of sentences, address and phone number
::The rest of these topics are taught once or twice a week: Art (I find a weekly project from several art teacher's websites & they take an art class on Mondays), Logic (Perplexors workbooks), Latin (English from the Roots...), Drawing (Draw and Write through History), Music (Music Ace), Composer studies (I create these), and Science (Christian Kids Explore Chemistry).

Q-tip snowflake art project
::We are usually done by 2:00/2:30. It's a full, very challenging load of school work, but they are excelling. They are working hard and up to their full potential (Joshua especially). We all agree that this has been a really wonderful school year!

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