Friday, January 13, 2012

Bracing myself (Couldn't resist the corny title)

Today we had a consultation for both boys with the orthodontist. Josh is still a little young, and can wait a year or so. But Jackson is ready for braces. He also needs a special appliance for the top of his mouth because he pushes his tongue against his teeth (instead of the roof of his mouth) when he swallows, thus the over bite. This little appliance will retrain his tongue over the course of a couple of years and prevent further damage. Good news: No head gear will be needed!

January 31st is the big day. Unbelievably, when they went over his x-rays with me, they pointed out that he has lost all of his baby teeth! I had no idea! (Sniff, sniff.) So no more "tooth fairy" for him! Good grief, my boy is growing up. If you are wondering how much braces cost these days, leave a comment or send me an email. I don't have the heart to post the amount. It's not comforting. Andy commented, "Oh well. At least the car is paid off." Silver lining. Jack saw the quote and said, "Whoa! Do you really think my teeth are worth THAT amount??" He was probably thinking we could take a couple trips to Disney World instead and he would be just fine with it!

One more funny. The orthodontist asks her patients to fill out a questionnaire before they are called back to see her. One of the questions asked, "How do you feel about getting braces?" My 9 year old, Joshua, answered, "I think braces will improve my future." And to the last question (after a dozen questions about their interests), "Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?", he replied, "No. But thank you for asking." Adorable, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Renee, those comments made me laugh out loud! Not so much the expenses...

But money or not, braces will improve his future!

So love following your accounts on the farm. Thanks for the photo at Christmas...a great picture!