Thursday, May 29, 2014

Awards day, part II

These guys, so much alike.  So precious!

He captivates me!

Quiet Joshua with his very rambunctious, sweet best friend.  I LOVE it!

These two boys melt my heart.  So very glad they are best friends and brothers!

The principal of the logic and rhetoric school is brilliant and personable, but also very witty.

Jackson's class sang a song in Latin at award's day.  They might not fully appreciate the beauty of it, but I certainly did!

Some of Jack's wonderful teachers

Jackson was recognized in math for his excellent work.
 Each year at this rigorous, classical, WONDERFUL school become more of a challenge!  Jackson has to work very hard this year!  God has gifted him with a bright mind and he has used all of it to excel.  He has learned a lot about being organized and responsible.  These areas are coming along, which is great because he is not naturally orderly or organized!  He managed to have a yearly average of all As again!  This is a really incredible accomplishment and I am beaming with pride!  Way to go, Jackson!

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