Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Surprise at the piano recital

This is how crazy our year has been...Our sweet Joshua has taken piano lessons again this year.  The truth of the matter is that I haven't listened to him practice ONE SINGLE TIME this year.  His keyboard is downstairs with headphones.  I set the timer while I am doing something else in the evenings and he puts in the time on his piano practice.  We tell him, "Good job!  You are done!  Now go do your homework!", and that is the end of it.

So we sit down for his recital, now it is May, and we look at each other and realize that we have never heard the music he is about to play!  We know he is prepared because of his practice time.  But we have no idea what he is playing!  Is this weird?

So he gets up to the piano and cranks out two great pieces!  And he has made so much progress this year in piano, ALL ON HIS OWN.  We were shocked at the difference in skill level from last year!  This amazing boy!  He is so intensely independent, but warm and kind, too.  He accomplishes so much success in school and piano without a smidgen of our help!  He so different from his Mom who needs a team around her!  Once again, I just love watching this kid blow our socks off!  Way to go, Joshua!

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