Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Awards day

My class on awards day

Lydie with her teacher

Serious face

Joshua with his teacher

Very proud Dad

Lydie received the Esther award from our principal

Dressed up and handsome at 5th grade promotion
And finally, it was the last day of school.  Wow, it has been a good year.  My two precious youngest were on the same hall with me and I got to see and hug them through out each day.  I have enjoyed so much teaching in close proximity to them!

It is a tradition at our school to award each child with a "character award" at the end of the year.  I thought that each teacher's love and understanding of my children really showed with their words for them today.  Joshua's teacher gave him the character award of contentment.  She said, "This young man is always thinking. His gentle spirit and ability to process the truth in God's word is modeled with great contentment of spirit.  Joshua, this verse describes you, "But godliness with contentment is great gain."

Andy and I were so overwhelmed with these precious words for our son.  They really are so appropriate and just perfect in describing many of his strengths.  His contentment, even as a baby, has always been a great blessing to our family.  And now to hear his teachers describe him as content AND godly, it's a tremendous blessing.

Lydia Joy's teacher again gave her the award of self-control.  She receives the same acknowledgement last year.  Her ability to listen and obey is really a gift, as well.  She really desires to do the right thing and her love for the Lord has grown so much in these last years!  We pray that all of our children continue to seek Him and are motivated by nothing but their love and worship for their Savior!

We were all completely caught off guard when Lydia Joy received the Esther award for her class, as well.  Each teacher chooses a girl in her class who exhibits the godly character traits of Esther from the Bible.  It is a sweet gift to see that Lydie isn't just following the rules, but she is loving and serving well.  This is purely a gift from God and I pray it will grow and grow every day of her life!  Thank you, Jesus!  The kids both made the all A honor roll this year as well.  This was a huge testimony of their hard work and God's grace in gifting them!  So thankful!

Joshua was also part of a very special fifth grade promotion ceremony.  He was able to take his seat among the logic school students and feel like a part of that group for the first time.  It is hard for me to accept that my baby boy is going to be in middle school in the fall.  This has happened way too fast!  But I just love how he has matured, all that he has learned, and his practical and simple faith.  Plus, it helps that his big brother will be there to comfort him!  Wow, it's just unbelievable.  But I am so proud and thankful!

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