Monday, February 03, 2014

Revisiting resolutions

"Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly."
Francis Bacon

I am going to try to "revisit" my resolutions at the beginning of each month for accountability. 

1. Read a chapter daily in the Bible and another book from my book list, at least. Reading is going okay, but not as consistent as I had hoped.  I am fine with less outside reading.  But digging in the Word is a must.  I need to be consistent on daily Bible reading.
2. Use my camera often. Blog at least once a week. I am enjoying taking more pictures and blogging a little more often.
3. Go on some type of date, even for coffee, with my husband once a month, at least. We did have a short coffee date in January.  And we have a night to ourselves, and a night out with friends planned this month!  We are also trying something new: a weekly meeting to discuss how things are going as a couple and family.  This will be precious time.
4. Take one of the children somewhere special once a month. Each child gets four special dates.  We still have not started this plan!  But we will start with Joshua this weekend.  I also have tickets to see SEC gymnastics with Lydie in March.  We have had some WONDERFUL family nights!
5. Follow my fitness plan. (Use my fitband to follow plan. 40 week challenge) I am most pleased with this area.  I have given up time in other areas (reading, art time, etc.), but I am okay with these sacrifices.  I am making my health a big priority this year.  I have lost 13 pounds since the day after Christmas.
6. Be intentional with extended family relationships. I would like to do better.  So glad to revisit these goals and see this area that I have neglected.  
7. Spend more "fun time" with friends. Join a Bible study. We are joining a community group at church this month.  I am also trying to get together a discipleship group.  I may have a fun weekend trip coming up this month with a friend.  And I adore my friends at school, who I am with all the time.  I am SO THANKFUL for my friends!  Oh, they bless me so much!!
8. Try 4 big art projects this year.  This area will be neglected until I get to my ideal weight, probably.
9. Complete at least 5 house projects.  I will work on these projects over the summer, probably.
-Paint powder room
-Hang chandelier in kitchen and Lydie's room
-Hallway collage
-Master bedroom makeover
-Hang more pictures in basement
*Maybe...paint kitchen cabinets* *
10. Complete all papers for level 1 classical education certification. I am meeting with friends this week to work on these papers!

-DAILY Bible reading
-Being more intentional with extended family
-One-on-one time with children

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maryanne said...

I love the idea of 4 special dates with kids. This is something I have always "meant" to do. But your posts makes me think it is time to actually execute. Thanks for the kick I needed! Also, I am glad to know you are blogging again. I am new to blogging all over again, so fun to know you will be "warming up" too!