Monday, February 03, 2014

Note to self from Matthew 13

Today you have the GREAT privilege of entering into kingdom work with the Creator of the universe.  You have been called to sow seeds of the gospel in the lives of your family, friends and students.  When you think about your partnership with Christ, doesn't it make you want to fall on your knees in gratitude for such amazing work?  Have you praised God for allowing you, a fallen sinner, to enter into the work of loving, serving, teaching, and sowing seeds of the gospel today?

Are you dipping your hands in the seed bag?  Is your heart and mind full of the words of Christ today?  Have you spent time enjoying His means of grace so that your hands are full of seeds to plant?  Don't go into the day with empty hands!! 

Are you praying for GOOD SOIL in the lives of those around you?  Only God can make the seeds grow in the hearts of the children you love and serve.  Pray, beg, for the seeds to fall on good soil!

Sow with patience, joy, and love today!  Enjoy your work!  You are so blessed to be a part of it!

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