Sunday, February 16, 2014


Andy and I had an extraordinary weekend together.  The children spent Friday night with their cousins at Mimi and Papa's house.  We decided to stay home, avoiding the Valentine crowds, and cook our own meal.  We had a delicious meal together with candlelight and wine.  I am so thankful for this special evening together, really enjoying one another romantically.  We need this type of time together as often as possible.  It was pure bliss.  We recounted that this was our 21st Valentine together.  Not all Valentines have found us in such a sweet place in our relationship.  But by the power of Christ alone, our marriage has been and continues to be strong and true and I am looking forward to moving forward together.

Saturday night my sweet teacher-friend had us over, along with three other couples, for a Valentine meal and "The Newlywed Game".  She and her husband served us all night long.  Her entire family is such an example of godly servanthood!  We had such a great time with friends!  And then the newlywed game was hysterical.  Haven't laughed that much in a long time!  It was such a delight to see my closest friends' husbands getting to know one another and laughing together.  They all got along well and seem to have a fun night together!  Andy and I put on our game face for the newlywed game, but came up short.  Our sweet friends won the grand prize- a $50 Bonefish Grill gift card!  So generous and fun!

Last night I came home thinking about how lonely I was just a year and a half ago.  I felt completely misplaced when we left Atlanta for the farm.  And here I am, surrounded by a group of amazing, godly, FUN friends!  This is a good reminder that I can never know what a difference a year will make and to press on through adversity! Praise God!  I am so thankful!

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life."
Pablo Picasso

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