Saturday, February 23, 2013

Basketball and Cheerleading

Lydie and Josh chose to do winter sports, while Jack has spent his extra time in drama rehearsal preparing for his big play in April.  We have really enjoyed the sports this season.  We chose to do Upward this time, which only requires one evening for practice, plus weekly games.  The coaches very kindly scheduled Lydie and Josh's practices on the same night and time.  This favor was a life-saver for us!

Joshua had a coach whom we really loved and admired.  He was extremely hard on the boys, but also willing to pat their back and point out their accomplishments.  Although Josh did not begin or finish as the best player on the team, his coach did tell him that he was the most improved on the team.  This was a huge compliment, we thought.  He worked really hard.  He still needs to learn how to be more aggressive on the court.  But he seems to understand the strategy of the game really well.  He is a very sharp player.
Joshua loved defense!

Lydie loved cheer leading.  She was the youngest and smallest on the team.  But she had no problem keeping up.  In fact, she did outstanding at the games when she was head cheerleader.  She seems to thrive in situations where she is the youngest.  She wants to continue cheer leading...and doing ballet, gymnastics, art, and trying soccer next year.  Her enthusiasm is over the top!

Her friend's mom made cute polka dotted cups and buckets for the squad.
Lydie is the last one on the right.
Cute little cheerleaders!
We are really proud of both kids for a great season!  We are glad they learned teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship.  Looking for to more games next year!

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