Friday, February 01, 2013

Mega Rome Day

Both third grade classes together at Mega Rome day!
One group making bullas (a child's necklaces), at 1 of the 6 booths!
Each group had a special colored "Eagle standard" to represent his or her group for the day, much like the Roman army.

Reclining and eating like Romans!  The children LOVED lunch!
My sweet friend's beautiful daughter making a mosaic piece of art.
One of my sweet students playing Roman dice games.  So precious!
Mega Rome day is the highlight of the third grader's year.  Although we begin with Creation and study history through Constantine, we really focus the majority of our time on ancient Greece and Rome.  On Mega Rome day we spend a day in our togas in the gym.  There are 6 booths with art projects and games that are Roman in nature.  Lunch is prepared on trays and the children recline on blankets, just like the Romans.  It is an entire day of fun and learning!  I loved the laurel wreaths and togas.  It was so exciting and a tradition that will be the highlight of my winter for years to come!

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