Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or treat

This year Josh was invited to a Halloween party and to a friend's house to trick or treat.  I was able to take him to the party, but we opted to trick or treat in my parent's neighborhood together.  Sometimes we just need a night for just the five of us!

The kids looked adorable.  Jack wore a Batman shirt and gear.  Josh was Legalus from Lord of the Rings.  His costume was a little iffy, but he had fun.  And Lydie was Rapunzel at her wedding.  Princess+Bride=happy girl!

We spent all night riding my Dad's Polaris (like a golf cart) around the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.  The kids couldn't get enough.  There were a lot of kids out and it was fun.  But we still miss and talk about the big, annual Halloween party at our friends, the Hanbacks, in Georgia.  We still miss that fun tradition, surrounded by long time friends.

elf ears! :)

With every passing week we are feeling more at home at our new school.  It has filled such a sweet need for us, as we have few people our age and stage at church or in our neck of the woods.  But for the boys and I who have friends who have grown up in this community, it will take a while to grow roots.  But I am hopeful and love our new community.  I praise God for it!  As positively as I know we were called by God to home school and I can see the good fruits of those years, I love where we are now and would never want to be anywhere else!

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