Thursday, October 04, 2012

Lydie's field trip with her Daddy

Lydie's class is studying community helpers.  They had a big day last week going to the fire station, library, post office, and park.  There are 30 kindergartners divided into two classes of 15.  Both classes have 9 boys and 6 girls.  Andy got to know a lot of the kids and parents and I was so thankful that he could attend.  It meant the world to Lydie (and me) to have him there.  This age is so endearing.  Everything is exciting and new for Lydie right now.  She does her little school workbooks on the weekends for fun and is reading like a champ.  She is the textbook over-achiever.
She is still adjusting to the long afternoons away from me on the three days that I have to work in my classroom until 3:30.  We are both adjusting, actually.  I miss the children, but Lydie especially, so intensely on those days.  The boys are a little older and ready for the longer afternoons away.  But at the sweet age of six, it is extremely important to me that Andy and I are Lydie's primary influence right now.  We are praying about a way to approach the school principal with a creative solution.  Until then, praying for little Lydie and all the changes in her life.  She is such a joy and delight to us!

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