Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Lulu turned SIX!

Our girl turned 6 on the 21st of September.  She is such a spunky, joyful, little thing.  She enjoyed her day of celebration.  First, a birthday banner to walk into.  Then cupcakes at lunch.  (Chocolate with sprinkles, a family favorite.)  I was able to let the principal step into my classroom for about five or ten minutes so that I could go to recess with Lydie's class and sing to her and serve her cupcakes.

Just as I knew she would, she has made a huge following of friends.  It's actually crazy how many buddies she has.  The grammar school (grades K-5) is out at 1:00, but the rhetoric and logic school (grades 6-12) get out at 3:00.  Every now and then Lydie and I need to go upstairs to do something where the big kids are when she is done with school and they are still having school.  EVERYBODY knows her and says hi.  I have no idea how, but kids from every grade love to talk with her and hug her.  It's so cute.  She has three really special girls in my class who just adore her.  So every afternoon after school Lydie writes them a note and leaves it in their desk.  Then they write her back and leave her note in my bag.  It goes on every day.  And the girls in her kindergarten class are so precious.  She loves them all and we have enjoyed the first few birthday parties this year, spending time with them and their families and getting to know them.

For dinner, Lydie chose Moe's, of course.  We let her open our presents that evening.  She got an electric diary (too funny), the doll from the Brave movie, and clothes.  By the way, clothes are not a dull gift for her.  She LOVES getting clothes for her birthday, and that started on her first birthday when she squealed at the clothes from her Nana.  It's so fun.

Lydie is still my little best friend.  She can be quite demanding and egocentric, still.  But she is simultaneously sensitive, giving, and kind.  She does an excellent job at school.  Her teacher marvels at her self control.  She is reading and adding really well and she loves to do workbooks for fun at home, always feeling disappointed when she has no homework.  (She is such a carbon copy of me, it's ridiculous.)  She is growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ, as we see her becoming so much more knowledable about God's word and integrating it into her decisions and worldview more and more.  We just adore her and look forward to watching her enjoy this fun, exciting year in kindergarten!  What a blessing!

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