Friday, September 09, 2011

Sunny spots

There's always blessings along the way...

{Lydie's first day of ballet class. I grew up taking dance from age 3-18. So watching her in class is very special. }
{Dinner with friends to celebrate college football kick-off last Thursday. } **We will NOT be cheering for Mississippi State this Saturday!!**

{Fun art projects! }
Lydie's splat monster

Jack's embroidered leaf painting

{Fun finds at the consignment sale, along with over 200 things tagged from our house which will hopefully pay for our fall clothes! }

{Cool, lovely weather. 70 degrees with bright, blue skies and puffy, white clouds. }

{Running into five different friends from high school. It is so fun to be back in Alabama! }

{The completion of our fourth week of school. Our school days have been full and challenging. I think all of the kids have learned a lot this first month! But we are all ready for our first field trip!}

{Sweet pumpkin baby turns one. Our friends' baby is just too cute and the kids enjoyed his party last night!}
{Dinner with Mom and Dad in the middle of the week. Again, so great to be here. }

{Successful surgery for my father-in-law. Hopefully he is finally on the road to recovery!! }

{Slow progress on my diet. I guess progress is progress. Seventeen and a half pounds shed so far. }

{In the past four weeks we have only had fast food one time. (And this was because we were going to a football party with hot wings.) This is a very good thing for us. I have to really plan ahead in order to pack food if we are away from home. And, I run the dishwasher three times a day due to so much cooking at home. But I know it's well worth it! }

{Lydie's amazement with herself today because she learned to gurgle her milk. She's convinced she is brilliant.}

{Sweet emails and notes from friends encouraging us with Mom's diagnosis. Thank you! She will be having a double mastectomy the week of the 19th. Please continue to pray with us!}

{Keeping my eye on the prize. And the prize is Jesus.}

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