Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Book suggestions

I've said before that I have really grown to love my reading time. When there is a quiet moment at night, what is really worth watching on the television? And reading is the perfect hobby for those twilight hours when weariness has set in at such a level that even crafting requires too much energy. Particularly during the winter, a good book beckons.

I have had several friends say that they consult this blog for book suggestions. I do not really make them that often. But I have found several wonderful sources for those who are interested.

First, check out the suggestions on this blog, whose author is a very well-read librarian! Click on "reading" on the top tab and she has links for her book lists from each year. LOVE her choices for this year! It will take me the entire 2011 to read what she did in the winter of 2010! Oh and here series of letters to her unborn son are so touching, as well, if you have time to snoop into her blog a little more.

And a second suggestion would be the booklists from this book:

Or, if you love learning and regret pining away at a boy or daydreaming about what you were going to wear to the party during high school and/or college while the great literary classics were being taught (guilty), try the book suggestions from the book below. The author starts with Don Quixote, the first novel in recorded history, and the most boring book of all time in my opinion, and gives what books she believes one needs to read from each historical period in order to gain a knowledgable view of literature. I will say, if you prefer light fiction just don't even bother with this book! I got to the third book and decided this was not the right time in my life to try to take on such a feat!

"No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books."

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Happy reading!!

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