Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy birthday, Lydia Joy!

Our girl is officially four today. I would use the same words to describe her today as I have in years past. She is precocious, sensitive, bright, and sweet. She tends to be the leader of the pack among friends. Honestly, she tends to be the leader of the pack at home, too. She likes to remind the boys to chew with their mouths closed, clean their toothpaste out of the sink, and remember to flush. (I should probably remind her to do her future spouse a favor and give up on those things now. But since the boys tend to listen and follow along, I just remind her to say "please" and let her work her magic. Shameful. :) )She is all things associated with being feminine- both positive and negative. :)
She still loves princesses, pink, dress-up, tea parties, and the like. She almost always has on jewelry and chap stick. Her latest interest is the Wizard of Oz. She gasps every time Dorothy steps into Oz and the color spreads over the screen. And I do, too. She is so much like me, or at least like I was as a young girl. She likes individual time alone with us and her brothers. She talks and asks questions frequently. But this year she has also begun to enjoy playing alone in her own little world.
She loves ballet and singing, oh and getting new clothes. Her Daddy took her shopping for a new dress to wear to dinner tonight. I am extremely thankful that he knows her so well and loves her so well. She squeals when I redecorate or make a new piece of art. And she frequently sucks in her breath and says, "You look so beautiful!"
She spends a good bit of time writing, drawing, cooking and painting with me. Similarly, I used to shadow my Nana, Lydia Mae, when I was at her house. She taught me to braid my hair, bake, garden, paint my nails, and set the table. Lydie's relationship with me is much like mine with Nana. Unfortunately I can't stop everything like my Nana could to spend the afternoon in the yard. Nana lived alone, widowed at a young age. She had what some would consider a difficult life. But she loved loved and appreciated beauty and hard work. She had a servant heart and never chose to stay at home and spend her time pampering or feeling sorry for herself. She invested in me, and her grandsons, her neighbors, and volunteered at a hospital until she couldn't get around to do so. For me, the homeschooling, laundry, and other Mommy responsibilities continue. I have to bide my time well between each of my children, my husband, and others. But I am very thankful that Lydia Joy and I are kindred spirits. Every little girl needs a kindred spirited adult, and one who is willing to invest time and energy- even when they do not feel like it. Especially an old soul personality like my girl. I am trying my best to be that, as well as Mom, for her!
Even though Lydie is very girly, her brothers have impacted her in some ways. She has become a pretty fast runner and tricycler this year as she is trying to keep up with them. (We are giving her the *cutest* polka dotted Hello Kitty bike for her birthday today!) She taught herself to do a somersault one evening out of sheer determination. She wanted to know how, and she wanted to know that night. So she did it.
I get reminded frequently that "Joy" is the perfect name for her by her teachers at church and preschool. And we agree whole heartedly. She is a sweet joy! Happy birthday, baby girl!

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Abby Hutto said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! May God continue to bless you this year, and may you grow in your love for Him!

What a blessing to have such a joyful little presence in your home--and an added bonus that you are kindred spirits as well. :)

You are a good mama, Renee, and your children are blessed to have you in their lives!