Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A good detour

Our sweet girl started preschool this week. We did not have a positive experience with preschool last year. (I pulled her out in December.) So this year I had purposed to keep her at home to learn and then fill her time well when the boys were learning. The problem is, she loves to learn and talk and interact. She loves to talk to us while we are having lessons. And as a result of the difficulty level of the boys' schoolwork, I feel like I am ever-so-gently shooing her away. She will obediently go play with her toys when the puzzles, manipulatives, or games I have given her become a bore. But then I find her telling her little teddy bears how lonely she is, and "frustated".

We prayed and decided that we would rather her spend her mornings away from home than for her to be here and feel pushed aside, rejected, lonely, or bored. I told my husband I would be a fool to believe that nothing needed to change for her. So I actually made a quick decision and enrolled her at the preschool that most of my friends at church use and recommend. She will go three days a week from 9:30-1:00. (I am so relieved that she has dropped her nap. Other wise we would not have any time together until practically dinner! ) Two of her classmates are church buddies. The boys start school at 9:00 and keep their lap desks in the car so that they can continue throughout our preschool commute. It actually works out really nicely.

She transitioned "seamlessly", so her teachers have said. They said by the second day (today), she was prompting the other children as to what to do next. They describe her as a "joy", and she is more joyful than ever. She has had show and tell, creative movement, science exploration, indoor and outdoor play, Bible time, letter and number fun, and art projects out the wazoo. And tomorrow is only day three. She LOVES it. She is a social, relational, love-to-learn kind of girl. And when I can not provide for her the type of environment that her personality will thrive in, I am very willing to let go of my plans and get help. I am so, so thankful to be able to afford to make the change for her.

Tomorrow she will take her butterfly cupcakes to school and gush as they sing Happy Birthday. She will take a Barbie doll because she is studying the letter "b". She will have music class and dance and sing. She will probably run in and not even kiss me good-bye. The boys will comment at how quiet it is (they have never had a learning environment that doesn't involve endless chatter), but also miss her like crazy and push through the Moms' line to get to her first. And then we will listen to her for the next 30 minutes as she vividly recalls each and every detail of her day. And hopefully, if tomorrow is like today and yesterday, the boys and I will be done with homeschool by 1:00 (which has never happened before this week!) and we will have plenty of time for the park or lunch with friends. On the other two week days I will continue towards her goal of learning to read and write and count. And we will paint and build, too. Ironically, I had posted the verse below on my lesson plan book for Lydie this year. Another confirmation that He knows, leads, and provides for us!

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."

Proverbs 16:9

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