Friday, September 17, 2010

Bees and cupcakes

Yesterday the boys had a day off of school for a field trip. They heard a bee keeper give a fabulous, informative talk on bees. We learned so much more than I anticipated. Andy hopes to have bees on our farm eventually. He believes that bees and earthworms are the most important and under appreciated of creatures. After yesterday, I think I agree.
The day worked out remarkably smoothly because the beekeeper spoke on the third floor of the same church that houses Lydie's preschool. So I was able to pop into her classroom when she had her birthday cakes and not miss a beat with the boys. Sometimes we try to combine field trip days with half a day of other lessons. But today we gave the entire morning, and half of the afternoon to our field trip and lunch with friends. It was a nice treat!

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