Thursday, May 19, 2016

End of the year recognition: Joshua, 7th & 8th grades (!)

Awards day, part 2. Our Joshua did a pretty remarkable thing this year. He decided to work on 2 years of math as a 7th grader. By February he was finished with Pre-Algebra and by mid July he will complete Algebra. He did this in order to skip 8th grade! His final averages in school were 95+. He is a gifted student and hard to challenge.
Joshua was the first to start and finish almost every day. He took the high school level national Latin exam and received a cum laude award. He is the most affectionate hugger I have ever met. Quiet, deliberate, dry wit, well-mannered. What a joy!
He ran cross-country for the first year and learned so much about endurance. His faith has grown exponentially this year and his prayers melt my heart. THANK YOU LORD- for this sweetheart and his gifts and talents. We adore our FRESHMAN!

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