Friday, August 28, 2015

Our second week of homeschool: Moving along

Andy left for another out of town job Tuesday morning. I've lost count, but this makes the 6th or 7th week out of the last 10 that we have been apart. God is so gracious. We have had a fun summer and a wonderful back-to-school start. But we just *miss* him. This week has been a hard one, just emotionally, for me. But we did it, and God was gracious to give us highlights! Not perfect, but another very good week. And Andy is home tonight! So thankful!
Math is better with m&ms!

Why not actually become the mummy?

Rockin' to Bach!

Yogurt break? Yes, let's!

Mini water vapor canopy

Grammar and hot chocolate

Beautiful devotion book

Edible cell. Gross!


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