Monday, August 10, 2015

Curriculum list for 2015-2016

What I chose for our curriculum this year is not perfect, but overall I am pleased with my choices.

In case I need this in the future...

Jackson::9th grade
Math: Saxon, Algebra I
Honors Literature/History/Theology: Veritas Press, Omnibus 2, Primary and Secondary (3 honors credits)
Latin: Jenney's First Year Latin
Biology: Apologia
Logic: The Art of Argument (with many extra readings and assignments)
Videography: Co-op
PE: Cross country
Composition: My assignments linked to honors classes
ACT Prep

Joshua::7th grade
History/Geography: Mystery of History, volume 1 (extra readings and projects added)
Typing: Typing Instructor
Math: Saxon Pre-Algebra
Grammar: Abeka
Spelling/Vocabulary: Abeka
Poetry: The Harp and Laurel Wreath
Literature: My list
Bible: Lightbearers (Summit Ministries)
Latin: Jenney's First Year Latin
Science: Apologia Human Anatomy
Composition: Lost Tools of Writing

Lydia Joy:: 3rd grade
Memory time: Huge list of memory work in all subjects that I made
Bible: The Illustrated Bible Storybook- OT and NT
Grammar/Phonics: Abeka
Spelling/Vocabulary: Abeka
Science: Christian Kids Explore Biology
Math: Saxon, Intermediate 4
History: Mystery of History, volume 1
Literature: My list, How to Report on Books, grades 3/4, Read and Think Skills quizzes (Abeka)
Latin: Song School Latin
Cursive: easy workbooks
Logic puzzles
Geography: Scholastic Map Skills
Fine Arts: Composer studies/ Artist studies/ Art projects

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