Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brave girl

Dear sweet Annie,
You are so brave. Did you know when I first met you I could see it? Andy and I were touring your school and you volunteered to read and narrate for your fifth grade class. I watched and listened, and you looked over at us- strangers watching your class- and smiled so sweetly. I thought that day and a thousand times since, "I hope one day I have a daughter like that sweet girl!" (This memory happened before Lydie was even a twinkle in our eyes.)

You are so brave. I know you must be so sad and distressed that you are having to leave the house you grew up in all these years. I know you, and I suspect you are being so supportive and compliant for your Mom and Dad whom you love so much! But it must be hard to know this is your last week after a whole life time of memories have happened in your home. I want you to know, sweet friend, I understand and I am praying for you.

I became a Christian when I was 17, going on 18. I was your exact age! Just finishing high school and looking ahead to college. I remember that age so vividly (I also met Andy that fall just before I turned 18...crazy!) It must be a hard time, with all the events of your senior year, to be moving. Please know I am praying for you and I love you!

I think I know a lot of what you must be feeling. I moved at the request of someone else, too. It is hard to give up so much for someone else, even if you love that person so much. It is hard to spend those last months thinking, "This will be the last...". And I am not going to lie, it hurts for a while. I am glad you will be going to college next fall and starting that AWESOME adventure. ( But please know, if you feel sad or angry or moody, I think I can relate and I want to hear from you. I would love to talk to you and pray for you. Because I LOVE YOU!! And if I haven't mentioned it before, I think you are very brave (and beautiful and kind and super lovely!!)

And I can promise you that God will sustain you as you put your trust in Him. Don't let yourself look to the "right or to the left, but fix your eyes on Jesus". When Satan whispers, "Your friends aren't going through this. Why should you?" , just remind yourself that God is giving you the very best thing for your sanctification. He loves you and wants you right in the shadow of His wing, so to speak. Stay right there and don't let the temptation to feel sorry for yourself overshadow all that Christ has done and will do for you! That would be a real shame. (I know because I learned the hard way that self pity is the enemy of the gospel.) When you feel angry, give it to Jesus. He will replace all those terrible feelings with love, I promise. But it might take time. Just keep praying and being honest and don't feel guilty. You can't help how you feel. Listen to beautiful music, pray, and read His Word (the Psalms, in particular) and He will replace "your mourning with songs of praise" really soon, I promise. You are about to embark on a really great adventure of laying aside yourself and finding a whole new level of trust and joy in Jesus. And that joy will be contagious, just wait and see. I know He has great plans for you!

With love,


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